WIFI ETH-MPI Ethernet Converter

Settings Windows 7 32bit

1: Receive a wireless signal and enter the password. Connected to the wifi signal

Wifi signal name: wifi ETH-MPI/DP
Connection password: 12345678

2: Set the IP address and gateway of the computer’s wireless network card (IPV4) to

Subnet mask:

3: Open the STEP7 software. Set the PG/PC interface——–ETH-AUTO—–Attributes, Enter the IP address of the ETH-MPI converter

if your step7 software doesn’t have eth-auto, please, Install STEP7 interface 32-bit driver .exe

Settings Windows 7 64bit

1. Open Step7 V5.5 software, click on the option, and select Set PG/PC Interface

2. Select the TCP/IP driver in the PG/PC interface and click OK (select TCPIP.1)

3. Click File Options—–Select New Project Wizard to create an engineering project. When building the project, just select the CPU type you are using and click Finish.

4. After setting up a new project, click PLC and select to upload the site to the PG. During the upload process, the system will prompt you to fill in the IP address of the node (the IP address of the Ethernet module).

5. After uploading, a project with the real hardware configuration you are using will appear.

6. Open your hardware configuration and add the hardware you need to configure.

7. After adding the hardware configuration, add a CP343-1 module in the last slot, (Note: it must be the last slot)

8. In the process of creating a new CP343-1 module, the system will ask for the IP address of the module. Fill in the IP address of our Ethernet module that you use.

9. After the hardware is built, click the download button and select only the CPU in the target module. You do not need to download the configuration of the CP343-1.

10. After confirming, you need to fill in the selected node address, and also fill in the IP address of the Ethernet module!

ok, now your connection has been completed, then you can successfully use our Ethernet module to program and monitor the S7-300 PLC on the win7 64-bit system!

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