XCNet-PN(Siemens S71200/1500)

XCNet-PN is a high-performance protocol conversion gateway, designed to meet the increasing informatization requirements of factory equipment (equipment network monitoring and production management). It is used for Siemens PLCs (S7-1200/1500, S7-300PN, S7200 SMART, etc.), Siemens Ethernet module (CP243-1, CP343-1, etc.) Ethernet data acquisition, very convenient to build a production management system.
XCNet-PN has two physical interfaces, LAN1 and LAN2 respectively have independent local area network capability. Among them, LAN1 is a double RJ45 interface with switch function, which is used to connect PLC; LAN2 is a single port RJ45, which is mainly used for the connection of upper computer acquisition or touch screen.
The LAN1/LAN2 of XCNet-PN has the function of cross-network segment, which can convert the S7TCP protocol of the LAN1 port into the ModbusTCP protocol and the BCNetS7 protocol of the LAN2 port, and the LAN2 supports the ModbusTCP master-slave communication function.

Technical Features

  1. Installed on a 35mm guide rail, LAN1 is a dual-port RJ45 with switch function, and this port is connected to PLC; LAN2 is a single-port RJ45, which can be connected to a touch screen or a host computer system; XCNet is powered by an external 24VDC power supply.
  2. Integrate the WEB server, through the webpage, you can set the device parameters and run the diagnosis; you can also configure it through the BCDevice tool; you can configure it from the LAN1 or LAN2 port at will.
  3. Realize the NAT function, map the IP address and port number of the PLC connected to the LAN1 port to any IP and port number of the LAN2 port.
  4. The SmartIE series touch screen can be connected to PLCs such as S7-1200 and S7-1500.
  5. The LAN2 port can support the ModbusTCP server function, and the PLC connected by the LAN1 port can be mapped to the ModbusTCP server of the LAN2 port.
  6. The LAN2 port can support the BCNetS7 protocol server function, and the PLC connected by the LAN1 port can be mapped to the BCNetS7 protocol server of the LAN2 port, which is convenient to use the BCNetS7 function.
  7. Support up to 32 LAN2/LAN1 server/client concurrent models, LAN2 port can support up to 32 host computer access.
  8. By adopting BCNetS7 protocol or ModbusTCP, high-level languages ​​(such as VB, VC, C#, etc.) can be used to program, realize data communication with PLC, and facilitate the development of production management systems.
  9. SCADA (upper configuration software) supporting OPC channel communicates with PLC in OPC mode.
  10. Support firmware update on the user side through Ethernet, provide firmware with more functions for free, purchase hardware once, and upgrade permanently.


Technical Parameter

Product numberXCNet-PN
DescribeSiemens series PLC Ethernet communication processor
ColorMetallic Black
Status DisplayPwr,LAN1,LAN2
Ethernet interface
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
Number of TCP connections
IEEE 802.3 compatible, Link/Active indicator, line sequence adaptive, support Auto-MDIX
RJ45 female socket
S7TCP, ModbusTCP, BCNetS7, etc.
LAN1 interface (connected to PLC)
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
LAN2 interface (connected to the host)
Interface Type
Transmission rate
Protocol support
Diagnostics and Parameter settingIE browser, default、默认192.168.1.188(LAN2)
Power supply
Voltage type
External 24VDC
Operating temperature0~60℃
Working humidity90% non-condensing
Installation method35mm rail installation
Electromagnetic Compatibility2014/30/EU
Factory agingThe 60-degree aging box runs for 168 hours, and the power is turned on and off 500 million times
Communication stabilityContinuous communication with PLC for 30 days, 130 million times of communication with 0 errors
CertificationCE Certification
Dimensions (LWH)90*24*65mm

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